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Usa... i meant ZAIKO KAMEN!!!

n4ncy and me are... changing the lyrics and trying to sing it XD

Listen to the original

anyone interested in trying to SING it?? XDDD (we're trying.. will post when anything presentable comes up) XD

note: ZAI = the masked person in STAMEN a.k.a Nakamura Yuuichi
    Once upon a time, there was girl called (Shimono) Hiroko. She was young and cute, with short hair and oppai. Even though her family was poor, she did not feel sad because she worked hard everyday and concentrated on BODY BUILDING and gaining muscles. She was a cheerful and active girl and she always have a smile on her face (and loved laughing too).

    Living close to her was a dere dere little boy, iya, young man called (Nakamura) ZAI. He saw Hiroko work everyday and fell in love with her hard-working  and cheerful personality. ZAI went to talk to Hiroko everyday, and Hiroko enjoyed ZAI's company too, because they had really similar interests. How? Well... because ZAI was secretly a pro-wrestler, and he's pro about body-building and all those related stuff, so when he and Hiroko talk, they always have lots to talk about. Hiroko also admire ZAI's SEXEH BODEH (ok enough), since that's basically what she wanted.

    Soon they confessed their love to each other and started going out. But soon they realized that there was a problem. ZAI the dere dere boy was too dere dere and not S enough for our little doM Hiroko!! They spent their first night rubbing on each other's arms (what kind of "first night" is that, n4ncy-chan??!!) and didn't do anything, since no one knew who was the seme >.>; In the end (wait, not end yet) they just ended up appreciating each other's body-building results without doing anything. As a result of in-taking too much protein, Hiroko got an even bigger oppai and ZAI's entire body got bigger too. OK too much information.

    One day, when ZAI went away as usual to do his mysterious pro-wrestler training (mysterious cus pro-wrestlers do shows but amateur wrestlers are the actual sportsmen. owells. anyway it's mysyerious), the prince of their country came by the forest they lived in. Sorry forgot to mention they did live in a forest kind of setting. Whatever. Prince TeraKuma was hunting that morning and sort of lost his way, and he happened to have found Hiroko's house. Hiroko was out in the forest CHOPPING TREE branches so there was no one home. Seeing no one home, TeraKuma Ouji went inside and helped himself to some water. But because he was too tired, he fell asleep on the bench in Hiroko's house.

    When Hiroko got home... aah whatever, too long! Anyway TeraKuma Ouji fell in love with Hiroko when he woke up and saw her hard-working and cheerful character, AND HER OPPAI. Wait, what was Ouji's fechi again? Nevermind I forgot. Oh. Thanks n4ncy-chan, it was legs. Or feet. Whatever. Because when he woke up he was sleeping on Hiroko's strong and muscular legs, he felt very secure (don't ask me how and why). And because later he saw Hiroko's beautifully muscular and hairy legs while she was working (enough!!! may I stop disgusting descriptions already??), he totally fell in love with her. Oh and the oppai too for sure, because they reminded him of his ex-lover... no, I mean ex, um, CRUSH, Yusako... who had a B-CUP. Who was Yusako? Just the evil stepmother... ah, no, evil? Did I say evil? Whatever ahahaha.

    So a third person joined into the love scene. Even though TeraKuma Ouji knew that Hiroko had a lover, he did not give up and still tried to get her heart. Whenever ZAI was not there, he would invite Hiroko to the palace to spend time with him and his friends, SugitaGumi. The palace was kinda far actually... but whatever. As they spent time together, Hiroko found out that TeraKuma Ouji was an S and he loved teasing Hiroko. Being a super doM, Hiroko could not resist this part of TeraKuma Ouji. Also, even though Ouji doesn't have a super, I mean, pro-wrestler body, HE HAD A NICE ASS. And that was all the shiri fechi Hiroko wanted. As the nation's pro-wresting competition drew closer, ZAI spent more and more time on training and nearly did not go home at all for days, and as one of the strongest mystery players, he was really pro-wres-minded and totally forgot about Hiroko. Sad and lonely (really?), Hiroko and TeraTera got better and better with each other, and with the SugitaGumi's help (help... ufunfun~~), they finally became a couple and lived happily ever after... perhaps.

=== end ? ===

Story totally inspired by n4ncy-chan and her classmates' mousou story about seiyuu-san XD and some parts even are from their story... the rest are... made-up... I need a cast don't I? I needa expand it don't I? I think this part is too long already, add onto anything you like tho XD
MOUSOU 妄想(もうそう) A delusion;
a) something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated;
b) a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary; also : the abnormal state marked by such beliefs.
-->thus according to m-w.com, we are all crazy

Gakuen 学園; a school setting in Japanese.

This is for those who are confused as to what this community is for...

and frankly speaking, i don't know... (one thing for sure is, this is for fangirling about seiyuus mostly??)

Well, to give you a basic idea, THIS is what inspired the creation of this comm...

If you're interested in things like that, definitely join X3

We've still not figured out how to make things more efficient (can fangirling be efficient, ever??)

but for now... that's all... ahahahaha *disappears into thin air*



Ah! Mousou Gakuen!!

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